Now that we’re approaching the middle of summer, it’s time to prepare your AC for the hottest time of the year. While it can be impossible to predict when your unit will fail on your, it’s best to keep it maintained to prevent any issues from happening. Here are 5 tips that will keep your AC in good shape and keep your comfortable all summer long.

  1. Check Your Air Filter

Air filters are what separates the hot, dusty air, from clean, cool bliss. It’s very important that you keep track of when you last replaced your air filter so you can coordinate getting a new one to keep your system clean. Having a clogged filter can block air flow and cause your system to malfunction, some studies have shown that this block in air flow can lower your AC’s efficiency by up to 10%.

  1. Check Thermostat Batteries

Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that are often overlooked. Replacing your batteries might be the only thing you need to fix!

  1. Check The Circuit Breaker

This is a simple fix if you know what to look for, circuits can get all out of order pretty frequently. All you need to do if find your circuit breaker and flip the switch. If you don’t notice any changes you might want to reach out to an electrician to see if there is a more complex issue.

  1. Check The Coil On The Outside Of Your Machine

First, know where to find your condenser coil. Once you’ve found it, make sure that it’s not covered in debris or dust. If you find that it is, grab your hose and gently spray it down with water. A clean condenser coil is key to having an efficient AC unit.

  1. Call Your Local TemperaturePro!

Your local TemperaturePro will always be here for you! Our certified technicians work quickly, effectively, and do the most to keep your services affordable. We take pride in our work and hope to keep you comfortable and cool throughout the Summer!